Here are a schematic drawing and a photograph of our chamber:

It consists of three main parts:

  • Primary Chamber
    1) Rubidium resevoir
    2) Primary MOT
  • Differential Pumping Stage
  • Secondary Chamber
    3) Chip
    4) Copper feedthroughs: current and watercooling for chip
    5) Ion gauge

Due to the ultra high vacuum (UHV) requirement for the BEC, the system has five ion pumps (IP) and one titanium sublimation pump (TSP). The small ion pumps have a 20 L/s pumping speed and the large one has a 45 L/s pumping speed. The pumping speed for the TSP is about 600 L/s.

In addition, our experiment requires a two MOT lasers, each with a tapered amplifier, a repumper laser, and a probe/optical pump laser.

Next, how do we make BEC?

Step 1: Primary MOT

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